Big News, the last blog post, and 7/30-8/3

Dear Families of TBH,

My 4-year run at Sarah’s Day Care and The Big House is coming to an end on Wednesday, August 8th. I don’t know how to say how incredibly grateful I am for the immeasurable number of things that you, your children, this staff, and community have taught me.

The kids have shown me fierce loyalty, love and compassion. And let’s be honest, taught us all some patience. TBH has so many intelligent, hilarious and changing personalities. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure.

To the parents: Thank you. Just, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to know them, shape them, and love them. Thank you for your caring and understanding when things maybe didn’t go according to plan. Thank you for making me feel like family. I could go on and on, because at the end of the day parents deserve all the credit!

The Cajun community as a whole was a learning curve for me when I first moved. Man. Do y’all know how to spot an outsider: Just have them pronounce Prejean, Thibodeaux, boudin, Kaliste Saloom, Dulles, etc…… 🙂 Once we adjusted to a different (much more fun) way of life we’ve loved it here. Cajuns know their neighbors, take care of each other, and eat and drink well along the way, and have a love for life and others like I had never seen before. We are so happy to have this experience to take with us back to Tennessee. We are moving home so Remy can grow up around his family. We hate to leave this little slice of loving, caring, HOT paradise, but we are so excited to be heading back home.

I am leaving the program at TBH in great hands. Ms. Bri is going to be taking over running the after school and summer program. Her creativity, passion, and knowledge of the children and families have prepared her very well for the role. I wish y’all an amazing 2018-2019 school year!

With all the love, Mrs. LeAnn

P.S. We are going to chat with the kids about it this afternoon. Get it out of the way so we can enjoy our last few days of summer together.

Okay, now that I am done crying and that’s out of the way…… Here are some pictures from our week at TBH:

Monday, July 30th: Movie Making Monday- LAST ONE!!!

Tuesday, July 31st: Swimming at Riverside- Be here by 8:00- Please wear swimsuit and sunscreen. Bring a towel & change of clothes

Thursday, August 2nd: Movie Premiers and Awards- Please send your child dressed up, but not too dressed up to play outside or send a change of clothes. We will be watching all the clips and handing out awards.

The Big House will be open all day on Monday, August 6th & Tuesday August 7th, but will return to after school only hours on Wednesday, August 8th.