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Our Philosophy

It is our belief that play is the work of childhood! We place a great value on the freedom to be oneself - for both children and adults. We offer a relaxed and casual setting geared toward the needs and interests of each child and parent who is a part of our school;. We take individual differences, special abilities, and family culture into consideration to specifically tailor our programs for each child.

About Our School

Sarah's Day Care Center, inc. was established in 1981. We are a state licensed Type I child care center. The school is open to all children, regardless of race, nationality, or creed who may benefit from our type of program. The child must be at least 18 months old to attend. Children entering the 18 month old class do not have to be potty trained.

Meet Our Staff

As a staff we strive to provide a loving, nurturing environment by creating a developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning through play. We have a combined 196 years of experience at Sarah's Day Care, and over 250 total years working with children. Below we have listed our staff, their classroom and their date of hire.

We take an active approach in our continuous education by participating in professional development classes and in-service education programs. Eleven (11) staff members are certified in CPR and Pediatric First Aid by the American Heart Association.

Room 1:

Tonya Alleman - 6/99

Rhodora Anonico - 7/18

Room 2:

Susan Jeansonne - 1/90

Shire Thibodeaux - 1/17

Room 3:

Brandi Catalon - 1/24

Brittany Guillotte - 8/23

Janelle Leyser - 8/10

Room 4:

Sillia Nicholas - 9/04

Layla Brown - 8/23

Room 5:

London Livings - 6/23

Madison Venable - Floater - 2/24

Patrice Melancon - 9/88


Judy Granger - 7/17

Toni Hebert - 12/10


Jody Aycock -

June Aycock - 9/1/89

The Big House Staff:

Annie Bearb - 8/20