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Sarah's Fee Schedule

Here is our information regarding fees and deadlines.

Sarah's Fee Schedule

Effective June 1st, 2024

Registration fees are payable twice each year. The fees are due for the period from September to May and another fee for the summer session from June to August.

Parents have the options to split payments if needed.

Tuition Express on our website will allow you to pay with a credit card or a debit card. If you select pay with card you will have to input card type, card number, etc. in order to use that payment option.

We will still process checks and cash payments. However, we will not auto draft checking or savings accounts.

Automatic payments from credit or debit cards can be processed on a regular basis with your written authorization. Forms will be available to those wishing to take advantage of this feature.

Program Fees

  • Preschool Registration

    September-May: $115

    Summer Session: $65

  • The Big House (K-12 years)REGISTRATION

    September-May: $65

    Summer Session: $65

  • Preschool Monthly Tuition

    Monthly Tuition

    Five Days

    Three Days (M,W,F)

    Two Days (T,Th)

    Full Day




    *Family discount is available for two or more full-time preschool and/or summer camp children.

    **There is a $30.00 per day charge for any extra days your child attends.

  • After-School Care Monthly Tuition

    All Schools: $185.00*

    Note: When schools are out, and we are able to offer a full day to those students there is an additional charge of $15.00 for each day attended.

    *Price change for after school program effective May 1st, 2023.